We like .ppt but we’re partial
to .docx
Good work is important. Good people, even more so.
Staunch believers in the power of a good brand.
A good reference can come from anywhere.
What customer says > What client says.
Cat(s) on request during video calls with us!
We’d rather say we don’t know than BS an answer.
Let’s start something
Not an agency. No MBA-faff. Promise.


the writer

the planner

Divya Ramesh

A creative writer and accidental strategist who set up home on the internet a long time ago.
Divya has 10 years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, events, content, and all-round experimentation. She’s previously led creative teams at agencies like Weber Shandwick India and Flying Cursor, and spearheaded marketing and comms for cultural properties at OML. Her varied interests range from scuba diving to food history and the (frankly too much) content that she consumes about all this seeps into her work through diverse references and pop culture commentary.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

A digital strategist and content handyman who’s always nosing around to create something new.  Deepak (call him Chuck) has 13 years of experience in strategy at agencies like Leo Burnett and Ogilvy, and has extensive event marketing expertise from his time at OML and Insider. He teaches digital marketing at various institutions, runs several independent content projects (including newsletters, podcasts, and Telegram channels), and tries to incorporate his love of music into everything he does.