TCS Snapshots

Content development

Conceptualisation and development of a brand new, high-visibility content format for India’s largest IT company.

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Tata Consultancy Services had a problem of plenty - several case studies, management perspectives, white papers, reports and so on. Often, these were in a format not conducive to skimming. Additionally, the company had multiple cohorts visiting its website. Because of the sheer size and scale of the organization, even TCS employees weren’t aware of the body of work TCS had.

The task for us: How do we make all that TCS does accessible and interesting to all the various audiences visiting their site? Oh, and it had to be engaging too. No biggie!

An entirely new UX: “Storifying” TCS’ work
Since short-format vertical video content such as Instagram Reels and TikTok videos was a trending format, we proposed developing Storified versions of TCS’ output. And in case you think we’re retro-fitting this case study, here is a screenshot from our initial pitch!

This involved:

  • Reading through various TCS documents: case studies, whitepapers, research output, management perspectives, press releases, videos and more.
  • Developing a custom storyflow and design for each, with the aim of communicating the essence of the story in under a minute.
  • Management of uploading the stories using a third-party web software
called StorifyMe.

From AI to sponsorships to client success
Over the course of this campaign, which continues to this day, we have worked on several aspects of TCS’ work. We had to make sure the content was engaging, while adhering to the company’s brand guidelines.

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Some more examples have been curated below in the format we use on the TCS website: Green Funding, Ramon Aboitiz case study, IoT Perspective, Neural Manufacturing, SKA

Since its inception, Snapshots has garnered internal and external praise. There is no benchmark, given that it’s a new content format. However, below are some points that we’re proud of:

  • Snapshots viewers engaged with the site twice as much (in terms of time spent & page visited)
  • TCS received an additional hour of engagement for every $1 spent on Snapshots.
  • Snapshots won an award at Innovista, the prestigious internal Tata Group awards (Business Unit Round)

Snapshots is a showcase of our ability to simplify technical content, and turn it into an appealing, engaging, and at times even funny format - all the while keeping in mind the various audiences and their sensitivities. Given the writing-heavy nature of the content, it’s also a good showcase of our copywriting.

Also, now we know a lot about AI and digital twins.

Design: Wintorque and Kartik Chandramouli