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Product packaging and website content for a homegrown D2C brand that makes healthy versions of kitchen staples like flours and batters.

Healthy Because is a family-run food startup (formerly known as Healthy Batters) that creates alternate versions of beloved food items. Their product range includes classic staples like Dosa Batters, Flours and Dhoklas with a modern twist of new age ingredients like quinoa and almond flour. We collaborated with 9133 Design and Studio Ping Pong to create the brand personality and packaging content for their rebrand into Healthy Because. All the communication focused on putting their agenda of ‘why’ their product is better upfront and centre. The brand had come to us with its new name, rebranded with the purpose of making it apparent why their staples are better than the ones that exist in the market. The reasons were plentiful - low GI, keto-friendly, gluten-free, low-calorie, delicious.


We wanted all of these reasons to be communicated in a user-friendly manner to convey these RTB’s without jargon or lengthy explanations. We did this through:

  • Friendly taglines for each product
  • Dedicated reasons for using each ingredient instead of simply listing them
  • Communication on the packaging and website that focused on health first and foremost, while showing each product’s ease of use and versatility (which the design concept gave a lot of importance to).
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